Should I Keep My AC Running During the Heatwaves?

In the summer season, the peak temperatures can go above 100 degrees. In order to keep yourself protected against the heatwaves, you might be keeping your AC running throughout the day and night. So, the answer to the question “should I keep my AC running during the heatwaves?” is ‘yes.’ You can keep your AC running during the heatwaves, but there are a few things you should do to keep your AC unit safe too.

How To Best Use Your AC During The Heatwaves

  • Keep the AC Fan On: If you have recently had an air conditioning installation in Las Vegas, you are safe against the heatwave. While your AC might be set at an automatic fan speed as default, you can switch it on manually using the remote control. Using your AC fan at a consistent normal speed helps improve air circulation during heatwaves.
  • Temporarily Close Vacant Rooms’ Vents: If you are sitting in your home office or the TV room throughout the day and there’s no one in the bedroom, you can close its vents until you use that room. Today’s advanced HVAC system can even control cooling for different rooms separately. However, you can do that manually too – simply close your duct vents.
  • Leak Proof Your Ducts: Heatwaves can be dangerous. Therefore, to ensure that you live in a healthy temperature while at home, fix your ductwork leaks. Note that leaking ductwork can affect the AC unit’s performance, which sometimes leads to serious damage to other parts, requiring AC repair in Henderson. This will ensure that the conditioned air doesn’t leak and your AC doesn’t cause overload even if you keep it running during heat waves.
  • Use Curtains & Blinds Whenever Possible: You can use curtains and window blinds to avoid letting the outside heat warm up the environment inside your home. By doing that, you can use your AC for more extended periods without negatively affecting it. It can also result in high efficiency, even during the peak summer.

Get It Serviced Before the Summer Season Arrives

You should prepare for the heatwaves well before the summer season starts, especially if you live in areas that generally remain hotter than usual. The best way is to get AC maintenance service to ensure all parts are well-oiled and working properly. It would include air duct cleaning, filter cleaning, outdoor unit cleaning, fixing wiring issues, etc.

You should also know that if you delay or avoid annual AC maintenance, your AC’s performance can go low. Or worse, its components can malfunction or get damaged over time so you might need AC replacement in Paradise. If you are looking for AC repair, replacement, service, or maintenance, Zen Aire Air Conditioning and Heating is the name you can trust. We have knowledgeable and certified technicians to deliver the best AC services in your area. Hire us today! Call us at (702) 840-4986.

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