What Does A Foul Odor From My Furnace Mean?

A Foul Odor From My Furnace Mean?

A furnace is essential in places with extremely cold climates and long winters. Though people from cold countries may get used to the climate, they need a certain degree of insulation to keep warm and to avoid long-term adverse effects on their health.

Furnaces are used at their peak in winter, while it remain dormant during summer and spring. When equipment works seasonally, many problems arise when not maintained properly. One of the indications of malfunctions in furnaces is the characteristic odors they release. If you require a professional opinion or heating services in Spring Valley, contact Zen Air Conditioning and heating  for all of your HVAC needs.

Dust Deposition

When you run your furnace after a long time, the dust particles burn or heat at extremely high temperatures releasing a dusty smell. Your furnace remains dormant for the whole summer and spring seasons. Consequently, dust particles, dander, pollen, and spores deposit over the internal parts. Upon turning it on, it releases smoke.

It is not a concern that needs professional attention while it fades over a few minutes or hours. However, it reduces the air quality inside your home and contributes to health issues.

Oily Smell

When you buy a new furnace and run it for the first time, it emits an oily smell. Because manufacturers smear furnaces with oils to protect and prevent corrosion upon encountering moisture, it will fade after a few seconds or minutes and do not need any technical attention. If it persists for hours or days, it might indicate oil deposition inside the furnace and require professional service.

Musty Molds

When left unused for a long time, microbes can grow at places where they find moisture. During winter, fungi and molds are predominant as they can grow at low temperatures. When you suspect such a foul smell, reach out to Zen Air Conditioning and Heating for heating replacement in Paradise to assist you. Molds contain moisture and may leave stubborn ash when burnt or heated. It causes corrosion of the furnace.

Rotten Eggs Or Sewer Odor

Fuels, including natural gas and propane, are colorless and odorless. Hence, manufacturers mix additives like mercaptan or sulfur. These smell-like rotten eggs indicate the leakage of the fuel. Your first movement as you get the smell must be to turn your furnace off and cut the gas supply at the storage to avoid incidents.

For furnace repair in Henderson, Paradise, and the surrounding areas, contact Zen air conditioning and heating.

Malfunctioning Heat Exchanger

When you experience a sour smell, switch off your furnace to avoid potential damage to the device and your health. This smell indicates that the heat exchanger is not malfunctioning. The issue in a high-efficiency furnace is more dangerous as it pumps out unsafe levels of carbon monoxide. Contact our professional in this circumstance.

The Smell Of Burning Plastics

A newly installed furnace may release the smell of burning plastic due to traces of finishing materials left over the surfaces inside the furnace. It will fade away after a while. However, the same smell from older furnaces indicates overheating internal components or meltdown of electrical systems. It should be inspected and repaired by our technician. In case of severe damage to multiple parts, contact Zen air conditioning and heating for heating replacement in Paradise and the surrounding areas.

Metallic Foul Smell

When a furnace overheats within electrical units and melts down, it releases as it burns metals, such as copper. It results from high voltage and sudden power fluctuations. The issue may cause fire incidents.

Chimney Blockage

An obstruction in the chimney causes the exhaust smoke to build up in the duct and flow back inside your house. It may also be due to inefficient combustion releasing bigger particles that clog the exhaust system. If your chimney is closer to other buildings, things from the rooftop may have flown into the chimney and could block it. Other things, such as leaves from tall trees, may also block them.


Any odd odor needs an inspection by a technician. You can visit us at Zen Air Conditioning and Heating for more details about our services and contact us for assistance when you experience a weird smell coming from your furnace.

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